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Katalikų Bažnyčia

Vatican Home Page
The official website of the Holy See. Richly documented, it allows the visitor to follow the Holy Father’s travels and pronouncements in real time. Online consultation is available of the Holy Scriptures in Latin and many other langages, the Catechism, the Documents of the Second Vatican Council, and the Encyclicals (from Leo XIII to Benedict XVI), with the possibility of a search by key-words. Among the news services are: the daily and weekly edition of L’Osservatore Romano, Radio Vaticana [Vatican Radio], and the Centro Televisivo Vaticano [Vatican Television Center], which includes a video archive. Also included are: the Vatican Museums (information, exhibitions, and restoration projects), liturgical celebrations, and extensive information, images, and documents concerning the Great Jubilee, including the official magazine Tertium Millennium and Il Giornale del Pellegrino [The Pilgrim’s Journal].

Chiesa Cattolica Italiana
This website contains extensive information about the universal Church, the Italian Episcopal Conference, dioceses, religious orders, lay aggregations, media (news agencies SIR and MISNA; daily newspapers Avvenire, Eco di Bergamo, and L’Osservatore Romano; diocesan weeklies; periodicals, including Famiglia Cristiana, Jesus, Il Giornalino, Il Messaggero di Sant’Antonio; radio and TV, including Sat 2000 and Radio Maria), Jubilee itineraries, sanctuaries throughout the world, and religious culture (universities, libraries, and artistic monuments, such as abbeys and monasteries). Among the services offered are: the CEI Italian version of the Bible online, Valutazione Film [Film Evaluation] drawing on the rich archive of Datafilm, following the Commissione Nazionale Valutazione Film of the CEI [National Film Evaluation Committee of the Italian Episcopal Conference].

Angelo Scola
This website allows reviewing almost in real time all the teachings by Cardinal Angelo Scola: texts, documents, speeches, audio, video, and pictures.

Pellegrinaggio Macerata - Loreto
The Walking Pilgrimage from Macerata to Loreto was established in 1978, the year of John Paul II’s election. A religion teacher from Macerata, Father Giancarlo Vecerrica, proposed it to his students as thanksgiving gesture to the Virgin Mary at the end of the school year: in this way an ancient tradition was recovered, which was disappearing in the contemporary secularization. Only three hundred or so people attended the first pilgrimage; however, in the following years the number increased extraordinarily, and today it exceeds sixty thousand participants.

Fondazione Giovanni Paolo II
The John Paul II Foundation was established on July 18, 2005 on the initiative of H. E. Msgr. Luigi Negri with the purpose of disseminating the Social Doctrine of the Church and in particular the reflection and systematic study of the works and thought of John Paul II.

Vatikano Interneto Svetainės
Kongregacijų, Popiežiškųjų tarybų, susijusių su Šventuoju Sostu, su Vatikano Miesto Valstybe, institucijų svetainių sąrašas ir daug kitų naudingų nuorodų.

Popiežiaus namų Prefektūra
Prefektūra parengia ir organizuoja viską, kas susiję su privačiomis, specialiomis ir bendromis audiencijomis, taip pat priimamų asmenų vizitus pas Popiežių. Su šia organizacija galima susisiekti, norint gauti bilietus į audiencijas.

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