January 27, 1989 - Luigi Giussani laiškai

January 27, 1989

On the occasion of the recognition of the Memores Domini

Dearest friends,

the anniversary of the Church recognition of our Fraternity brings with it a piece of news that represents the apex and the accomplishment of the grace the Lord gave us of a faith that is both life and mission.

On the 8th December last the Council for the Laity, "supported by the favourable opinion expressed by the Holy Father" recognised the Lay Association Memores Domini confirming it as an "Ecclesial private universal association endowed with juridical personality in the Canonical Order, declaring it in all effects an Association of Pontifical Right and establishing that everybody should recognise it as such." Memores Domini are often called Gruppo Adulto amongst us. They are those whom the Lord has called to a dedication to Him in a particular observance of virginity, poverty and obedience.

Such groups have the function in the Christian community of being a living example that reminds the whole community of the ideal for which we exist and act: it is in function of Christ that people marry, work, own property, live together with others.

The recognition of Memores Domini represents therefore the apex of the authoritative recognition of our experience as Fraternity. Besides the gratitude to the Lord and the Holy Father we must feel the duty of praying for these our brothers and sisters, imitating their example. That to which they are called is the heart of that to which we are all called in the family, at work, in the life of our society. We all know how frail man is before the purity of love, how hard is freedom with the things we use, without subtracting anything from the passionate attention in using reality; how difficult it is to accept the conditions of community life adapting ourselves loyally to criteria and judgements of others.

The new benevolent attention of the Pope obliges all the groups of Fraternity to invoke our Lady so that the only great ideal of life be Christ and his glory in the world which is the Church: with all our powers, whatever be our vocation. Under the guidance of our priests let Lent reawaken in us evangelical fervour in the life of chastity, poverty, obedience in mutual subjection. Benson's The Friendship of Christ, the "book of the month" will greatly help a calm, peaceful and attentive meditation.

I'd like to be a companion in your every toil, but the very humiliation of being unable to correspond with each of your requests makes my life more useful to yours. With great affection I thank you for the humility and fidelity of your sequela

Yours affectionately
Fr. Luigi Giussani

Milan, January 27, 1989

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