November 21, 1988 - Luigi Giussani laiškai

November 21, 1988

On the occasion of Advent

Dearest brothers and sisters,

the threshold of Advent relaunches the history of the great sacrament of his incarnation: the Mystery was "circumscribed in a human face". Here lies all the wonder, the honour and the responsibility of our faith.

Here is the only reason for our Fraternity. For each one could follow the Lord and His Church as he deemed best, leaning where he liked, choosing places in accordance with his feelings or opinions. Instead we have been brought together because through the obedient sequela to the encounter that took place amongst us, the Lord made us glimpse a greater intensity and joy in seeing Him and following Him. Advent finds us together because we are convinced that from a humble listening and a faithful sequela derives a truer Christian journey, according to the example of the Word made "obedient", and according to the example of the religious orders in the history of the Church.

Our unity gives therefore no obligation, it is not a duty; it is simply a method, so that Christ's charity be simpler, surer, more ardent, entire and continual. How many vicissitudes had the Movement to pass through during the last six months! And how many personal trials! How many thoughts, opinions, reactions, surges and uncertainties may have arisen in our hearts. But what matters is to pick up again more concretely and generously the humble sequela to the unity that guides us, invites us, and decides us. It can well be mistaken:

- this is why we must pray that it be more outstretched in the invocation of the Spirit and of our Lady and in the attention to the teaching and the directives of the Magisterium
- this is why we must always intervene positively, with patience But precisely because of what we have said it would never be convenient for us to detach ourselves, ultimately affirming our personal or group positions: the most useful method for learning the Spirit and the obedience to the mystery of the Church is in a sequela to the companionship given us by the Lord! So let's take up our journey again, with a greater maturity, awareness, humility, and faithful love.

Never was our companionship such an impressive flourishing of creations in which "the joy of the love for Christ is made experienceable in the love for the brethren": from the generosity for the "brick", to the attempts to create huge initiatives for the sick and the aged, from the co-operatives for the handicapped to those in support and companionship for the needy, from the welcoming families to the great welcome to people from all over the world out of love for their Destiny, Christ, as are all our missions.

A heartful thanks, my brothers.

Forgive me for that in which I cannot be an example, and I am eternally grateful to you for the example that you all are to me.
Happy Christmas to you, your families, your groups.

With great affection
Fr. Luigi Giussani

Milan, November 21, 1988

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